Selecting a Site For Your New Home

In real estate they say that the 3 most important factors are location, location, location. This is a critical concept you must focus on when selecting your site (if you do not already have one).

Most owner builders approach the project thinking that they want to build their dream home and they intend to live in it for the next 30 years.

Unfortunately, it could be a large mistake to forget that life throws you curve balls from time to time and you may have to uproot your family and make a change willingly or not, due to circumstances beyond your control.

Accordingly, you must consider carefully the resale consequences of the location that you select. The fact that your dream site is 30 miles outside the nearest shopping and employment centers may be fine with you but may negatively affect your ability to resell the property in a timely fashion without absorbing a loss. This does not mean you should not take the 30 acre site 35 miles from town, just stop and consider the impacts.

Additionally, your selection of site will necessarily mean you must consider the total hard budget you might invest in the location. If the surrounding properties have homes averaging 2500 s.f. with current market values of $ 250,000, you will be ill-considered to build 5500 s.f. valued at $ 1,300,000 unless you are prepared to be stuck there for a long long time. That is the other immutable law of real estate, if your property is over-improved for the surrounding market, your property will not command a resale value in line with your investment. Make no mistake, your dream home may be just that, but it will also likely be your largest investment so consider that carefully as you select your lot.

These are the subjective considerations that should guide you as you search for that perfect property to build your home. Careful consideration of these issues will save you the pain that can come if you overinvest in a specific property location. See more at DIY Green Home Improvement.

Can Home Improvements Increase the Value of Your House?

One of the most common reasons people give when asked why they are improving their home is that home improvements increase house value. While this can often be true, it is by no means as universal as some people assume it is. When you’re about to pay out lots of money for a home improvement, it’s worth checking whether the value of your house will increase by enough to pay for it – or, worse, whether it might actually force your house value down.

Let’s start with bathrooms and kitchens. While well-maintained and nice-looking kitchens and bathrooms do add value to a home, there’s nothing to say that they have to be the very latest thing. An older room that is well looked-after and wasn’t a complete abomination to begin with can often help the value just as much as a newly-installed one.

Extensions, on the other hand, almost always increase the value of your home, as they make it bigger. A four-bedroom home can be significantly more valuable on the market than a three-bedroom one, as a bigger family can live in it. However, you need to watch out for building too far out into your garden if you only have a small one: get rid of too much of your garden, and you could knock even more value off your home than you gain from the extra bedroom.

Although it might seem strange, this same rule also applies to garden features such as swimming pools and ponds. While you might like them, not everyone does – and you’ve just taken a piece of garden that could be used for almost anything and turned it into a single-use feature. Also, swimming pools especially can be very expensive to maintain, which can put off potential house buyers.

Overall, it’s a bad idea to make home improvements just to make money, as you will almost always fail. Instead, just make the improvements that you want, while avoiding any that will really hit your house’s price.

Best Poker Affiliate Programs

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Poker Tips Books – How To Find The Best Information To Improve Your Poker Skills

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Play Poker Online For Free

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